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Richard Watson

Richard Watson
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Richard Watson is a writer, speaker and consultant who advises organisations on the future, focusing particularly on scenario planning and the impact of trends on long-term strategy.

He publishes the online magazine What’s Next (, and is the author of the best selling book Future Files (sixteen worldwide editions) and writes for a number of leading business publications worldwide. His latest book, Future Minds has just been published and looks at how the digital age is changing our minds, why whis matters and what we can do about it (click here for the Amazon review).

Richard has worked on scenario planning, horizon scanning and innovation projects with, amongst others, IBM, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Westfield, P&G, News Ltd, Nestlé, The Department of Education (UK and Australia) and Samsung.

Specific areas of expertise include newspapers, retail banking and food. His talks cover emerging trends, strategic foresight or scenario planning and he is an engaging and provocative futurist speaker.

“Insightful and eminently quotable!”
The Times